TMR Sales & Service Limited’s professional relationship with Ashthom Consulting Inc. dates back to Ashthom’s inception and we have always found the principal to be credible, and an expert and experienced and in all aspects in the field of Human Resource Management.

This partnership was particularly critical before TMR’s Human Resource function was transformed into that of a strategic partner some years ago, where Ashthom provided support in the area of strategic and operational HR.

In addition, TMR has benefitted over the years since then from Ashthom’s specialty offerings of executive training, Industrial Relations and collective bargaining.

One particular service that TMR has benefitted greatly from is the administration of employee engagement surveys and the analysis of the results of the same.

Having an independent entity like Ashthom administer these processes is especially useful since employees typically are more open when responding to surveys administered externally, as it gives them a sense of objectivity and transparency and credibility.

Our leadership team participated in a series of Critical Thinking workshops led by Dr. Thomas which could not be more was timely and apt, given today’s information overload where one needs to sift through fake news for the truth. The learning also enhanced the team’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

TMR is not only proud to be associated with Dr. Thomas and Ashthom Consulting Inc’s brand, but we recommend them as a solution for your strategic and operational HR needs.

TMR is one of the largest and most trusted commercial contractors in Barbados offering cooling, electrical and Life Safety & Security solutions.

Chief Executive Officer,

TMR Sales & Services.