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Ashthom will help you manage your staff, bring awareness to and help you comply with the various regulations and best of all, help you create a work environment that attracts and retains high performing staff. We provide our clients with sound advice and assist them in implementing the most effective best-fit practices that will allow for the sustainability of their business.

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We provide HR Management services for small to medium-sized organisations especially to those companies which do not have the services of HR Professionals or an HR Department, but are desirous of managing, their staff more efficiently.

‘In-Company HR’ provides a regular and consistent resource for managers, supervisors, and staff to turn to for expert consulting, coaching, and counsel on employment-related issues. This specialized service allows HR issues to be dealt with as they occur and before they become unmanageable – it is preventative and profitable .

Our all-inclusive products and services to small and medium-sized businesses include:

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Attendance & Record Management

This system provides managers and supervisors with the techniques and skills to effectively manage their employees’ attendance and helps establish an adequate and appropriate paper trail relating to disciplinary actions required.

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Compensation Benchmarking, Structures & Analysis

Ashthom conducts Compensation and Benefits Surveys so that organisations can be provided with a clearer picture of where the organisation is positioned in the particular industry segment and the wider market.

Pay structures can also be created for your company as well as a general analysis of the effectiveness of your Compensation and Benefits offerings to highlight areas for improvement.

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Customized Employee Handbooks

The Employee Handbooks will capture the company’s rules, goals, and expectations while clarifying employees’ expectations. Disciplinary Procedures and other common arrangements peculiar to the organisation are clearly set out in a comprehensive manner.

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Employee/Industrial Relations

We advise, negotiate (win/win collective bargaining) and mediate labour disputes across the Caribbean.

We assist organisations to develop disciplinary and procedural fairness as part of our commitment to help foster harmonious workplace relations.

We provide psychological counselling (for managers and staff) especially in times of crisis or major organisational changes.

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Management Succession Planning

Our highly successful succession planning models will not only provide for organisations a cadre of future business leaders but will significantly reduce recruitment costs, build staff morale and commitment as bench strengths are established for the majority of positions in your organisation.

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Organisational Structuring & Restructuring

In this modern business environment, organisations are being forced to adapt to a fast-paced environment which is constantly changing.

This calls for organisations to be flexible in their operations and adopt a positive attitude toward change. Organisational structuring and restructuring are the means for this process and Ashthom is committed to guiding you through every step of the process.

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Payroll Processing

The full suite of payroll services we provide includes integrating payroll functions and data with HR Management, Benefits, Administration and Time and Attendance solutions. We also consolidate systems and data to enable better tracking and auditing and accurately track full-time vs.
part-time employees.

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Performance Management System

Our brand of Performance Management Systems (PMS) emphasizes the need for positive work ethics, a strong sense of responsibility and accountability.

The PMS comprises of the creation of job descriptions, establishing the required standards of performance, measurement criteria and the objective assessment of actual performance (against required level of performance), performing gap analysis and the formulation of a Performance Development Plan.

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Policy & Procedures - Review & Development

We will ensure that the relevant, policies of the organisation are clearly documented and communicated to employees.

This provides them with advance notice of the company’s rules in helping to create a culture of transparency and fairness with respect to the treatment of employees.

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Management, Supervisory Coaching & Mentoring

Ashthom will act as an independent interface for managers and supervisors who are often faced with the pressure of satisfying the needs of both lower-level employees and top management.

By providing coaching and mentoring services to all levels of management, they will gain new insights, skills, and techniques as to how to effectively perform in their specific roles.

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Strategic Planning

We partner with organisations to assist them in the developmental process of ensuring that they have the right number of people with the required skills in the right places at all times, who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing assigned tasks.

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Provision of Legal Advice & Other Regulatory Compliance Services

Expert advice is provided by our professional staff on employee/labour relations matters before they become litigated. We also identify how areas in existing organisational practices and processes can be enhanced to improve efficiencies at all levels.

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Training & Development

This includes the full process of identifying training needs assessment, analysing, preparing and delivering customized, focused training and developmental activities to improve performance and effect behavioural changes for successful career development.

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Our research activities help organisations to independently get valuable feedback from their staff on company policies, procedures, processes, strategies and management practices.

Such feedback combined with excellent analytical skills helps organisations to manage staffs' expectations better, improve the decision-making process and build staff morale.

Employee Culture-Climate Survey

Employee Culture-Climate Surveys which we design for organisations collect anonymous feedback from participants on the main areas in the organisation and gives them the opportunity to offer any suggestions for improvements in such areas.

These surveys make it easier to find out from staff what is both negatively and positively affecting them in the work environment.

Recommendations from all those involved in the process are provided to management in a report format to help them create an enabling environment where everyone feels comfortable offering the best of his or her abilities without any unnecessary impediments.

Compensation & Benefits Survey

Remuneration is one of the most common reasons persons choose to work and can also be one of the most popular reasons for low morale in the workplace if employees are not satisfied with what they are paid.

Our Compensation and Benefits Surveys contribute to inform organisations about what the labour market offers, provides them with an opportunity to align their wages or salaries more appropriately or to better communicate and educate employees about the company’s salary/wage and benefits offerings whichever is deemed necessary.

We provide the services of an HR manager without you having to establish an HR Department!

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