We may often underestimate the level of impact our thoughts can have on our words and actions and by extension, those we lead. If our teams were to hear our thoughts as we lead them, how would they perceive us as supervisors/managers? How would this disclosure affect our credibility and respect among the team?

This blog challenges readers to pay closer attention to their thoughts while leading a multigenerational team – positive thoughts will produce positive results.

Where is your main focus when leading a multigenerational team?

  • Less daily distractions from getting through the stacks of files on your desk and reports to write due to greater collaboration among the team to solve problems?
  • The prevailing differences among the team members?
  • The ongoing responsibility of encouraging team members to adapt a positive mindset
    for more work ahead?
  • Getting a higher performance appraisal or review rating because of the ground-
    breaking ideas produced from a highly-unified team?
  • An upcoming promotion allowing for the management of a smaller, less diversified
  • Finding ways to continuously improve team members’ competences and skills on the
    job through sourcing and recommending training and developmental activities for them?

From your experience, you can share the degree to which you think your thoughts influence your leadership of the team and subsequently how this appears to impact the team’s work performance.